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Is there any chance to fix this on my own? Fortunately, one resourceful gamer found a solution for this problem. First of all, make sure your firewall is not blocking Dota 2. Try temporarily disabling your firewall and connecting to Matchmaking or Lobby. Run console enable it in Advanced game options 3. I think i made my point clear English are bad hope you got the point 1 word - smurf.

I think i made my point clear English are bad hope you got the point yeah it feels unfair I have wins and sometimes after some loses I get matched against players that run when they get ulti'd by bloodseeker and then proceed to win the game alone, I check the stats and 3of them had like 20 wins or something I felt really bad for them.

I deleted the game today after the latest patch which released. What is the reason for this thread. Well, to show my displeasure to the developers.

Matchmaking Update | Dota 2

This is because I am a customer who buys items, sets and so on from dota 2 store. I would not spend my money on something then do not enjoy the games. I am looking to buy products and enjoy them, not to deny them after purchase. I am kind enough to reply back to your posts.

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You explain do not clear through the way you develop your words and sentences. They told me they got like wins - 80 looses. Pretty impressive but still. First and foremost, the screenshot is not fake. Everyone who have wins less than you automatically worst and must "shut up"? Today patch fix that flaming from guys like you. Tho i have asked and people told me thats its their first account. I don't understand how this changes anything and why are you or other people so mad?

If you are the kind of guy trying to view other people's profiles all day long before the game even starts you should probably quit anyway. Really dude your patriotism.. Or shall i call it Valvolism?

5. Dota Plus

No idiot i can watch his latest games. Good opponet against players with wins bad for my levels. So he is a smurf? Why did he failed THAT much?

Dota 2 Matchmaking Update First Impressions

Why was he auto-atacking on lane? Why did he come on mid with boots of speed?

Stop making urself idiot You havent got the meaning: Why u even watch hes replays? Dont know how its working? Its hard to click on his dota profile-Latest Matches-Show score? Did i talk about 1 game? I gave an example. I'm stating obvious facts and you somehow change it for something random. What i said its a fact and so many others have the same problem. So go shine ur armor lil knight cause we are stating a dota problem here and you come to troll or something.

SHit broken mm P. Dendi creates a new account, plays 10 games.. Are you new to dota2? He has shown clearly that his posts here are not useful. It's really sad that some have to behave like this only to find some consolation. SHit broken mm I would get that mate. No really i dont care about my thousand looses. I care about people who play auto-atacks. I care about people who dont know what their skills doing.

I care about people who dont know that if they atack under tower they get aggro. Actually OUR point is that expirienced people Maybe bad but still expirienced people play against guy who dont know the basics of the game. Im too winning much more with this new MM. Please dont write back to him.

5 Biggest Problems in Dota 2 Right Now

Unicorns and rainbows wait u there. No need to delete dude, you could use as a chat client and to watch professional games. It's what I do. Hours counting is bugged dude: D my friend has twice than me and doesn't even has half of my games. So this wasn't a very good example, but yeah matchmaking is bugged as hell, i haven't played dota2 in 3 weeks, first time i actually took such a long break, i used to play at least 5 games daily. But this retarded matchmaking and mute system made this game unplayable I wonder why Valve never listens to the community, in the end WE are playing this game, we should be taking the decisions..

Volvo pls fix or you'll never see your user database increasing any more. It'll just stay stable and then drop. Set your freaking priorities straight, competetive scene isn't everything.. Ever since new MM was implemented all games have been brutal shutouts one way or another, current system is godfuckingawful. Frankly I don't feel challenged playing Dota anymore due to the extremely lopsided MM system where I get players with wins against stacks of people with wins, or vice versa, I don't feel like skills come into play anymore - either your riki just tower dives at level 1 nonstop and trolls your jungler by stealing his last hits or the enemy's tiny tosses their carry at 50 HP at you again and again and there's nothing you can do about it.

Im uninstalling this piece. Anyone got wc3 keycodes? Meanwhile at Valve's office: Guys, matchmaking is shit, we can either fix it or hide number of wins so people can't see how shitty it is. Guess which one they picked. I already did that, i'm 1 month and 2 weeks without dota. Valve as always destroying another game. Already posted it in another thread, but still: You cannot possibly expect us to provide you with an adequate feedback when the MMR is hidden.

One of the main reasons why the MM is pure shit. Make the player take an informed decision about his game. Make the players take an informed decision when they choose to accept or Deny the game. Show the MMRs of every player in the game with that "Your match is ready" box.

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Hell don't even show the account names, just the values of the MMRof the players in ur and the enemy team. If I have mmr and accept a match in which one of my allies is a MMR player then I'm doing that to myself and i can't wine.