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Shoot, my poor grandma could never enjoy a decent vacation because Grandpa was such a workaholic. My grandpa is probably plotting their early departure back to Indiana. She enjoyed my humor from an early age. My grandparents were pretty awesome. Well, I never did. Like everyone says about special people they lose, I wish I had more time with them.

I swear all my grandparents were a little dark and twisty when it came to the timing of their deaths. You may recall that my paternal grandma passed away the morning of our wedding. Oh, and Grandpa worked until the day he died… at the age of I immediately called dibs on the buffet. My parents were here visiting this weekend, and my mom had only nice things to say about the buffet.

So this weekend I got busy restoring the 90 year old beauty to the best of my ability. Ooh, just look at that leg. Read how I re-coated the buffet here. Do you have any family heirlooms in your home?

How to date antique furniture- Shaker chest of drawers

Do the people in your family recall important dates by swinging by the cemetery? Were your grandparents dark and twisty bucket kickers too? This is such a beautiful piece! I Think that you should have carved in to the inside of the drawer or door. I would have every all the records some how of the family that was so happy with it on every piece of furniture. I have a Maple round coffee table her great uncle made and now 8 families have had it since. I have a buffet very similar to this one!! I plan to paint her up in annie sloan old white.. I can understand you not wanting to fix her up..

Thank you for not painting this piece! You made the right decision.

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So funny you call them dark and twisted. I was just talking to my husband as yesterday was my birthday.

My niece and my grandpa cashed in their chips on my birthday not yesterday but 14 years niece and 7 years gpops. Looking forward to the clean up process. I love this post! I guess swinging by the cemetery is one way to figure out historical details! Leaning heavily to restoring for sure…. This is looking good! I love that it was your grandparents. Such a nice memory!

So lucky gal you are! Antiques, especially with memories attached should stay as is…. It looks really beautiful, Chelsea! We also love restoring pieces from our grandparents to use in our home. They are now all deceased, so our parents get to enjoy seeing them all around again! They hold so many great memories. This was such a sweet post Chelsea!

How to Determine the Era of an Antique Buffet or Sideboard

Her home, and many of these pieces, are full of family memories that include smells, too! Gotta love parental storage! I seriously love this post. And this buffet is quite lovely. I actually really like the wood on this piece. This is a gorgeous finish and you did a lovely job bringing it back to life.

History of Sideboards

I have the table that matches that piece. I asked him how much he wanted but he never gave me an answer… I was willing to pay a few hundred bucks. A week later when his time was up to get everything out, the table was still there. I got it for free! They offered me the furniture with the only stipulation that I replace them with something new.

Sadly, that was the only structure loss in a huge wildfire later that year. I think you made a great choice! And I loved reading about your grandparents. They sounded like amazing people and you were lucky to have been so close to them. Good call on not painting it. It is a beautiful piece!!!

Антикварные серванты и буфеты () | eBay

My grandmother used to call the couch the davenport too. I wish I would of been allowed to have one of their secretary desks. They look like those toadstool mushrooms.

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My grandparents were married June 5. I asked my grandmother as an adult. My grandpa used to threaten the belt too. He was very old fashioned in his thinking.. Let me say, it sucks being the black sheep. I miss my grandpa very much!! He passed away at the age of 83, May 9, I do however have a mom named June, and a trucking dad, but I am right there with your mom of not going to the cemetery at I have a coffee table and end tables that my grandfather made.

I love the buffet. I almost had a heart attack when I thought you were going to paint it. You did a great job. Amazing large French burr walnut bombe shaped sideboard with serpentine burr walnut top thumb moulded edge three draws to the frieze maple lined with original brass ornate handles four burr. Outstanding quality William IV carved mahogany antique sideboard The back faced with pair of high-relief carved griffons flanking a central flaming urn The base having outstanding quality mahogany top with. This is an outstanding Regency antique mahogany brass inlaid sideboard with a quality mahogany top two shaped centre drawers with brass inlay and a inlaid satinwood back two lovely pedestals.

This is a mid to late s wood carved chest with drawers and cupboard which is beautifully carved gallery of small size ideal for setting on a desk It is. This is a quality Victorian antique mahogany sideboard which has a super quality mahogany serpentine shaped top with a moulded edge 3 frieze drawers 2 cupboard doors with moulded panels.