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For the longest time I thought they were brothers. They looked quite alike, shared the same disability, etc. Then one year on gay pride day they showed up on a bus, wearing matching kilts, leather jackets, and little leather teddy bears pinned to their jackets. A former patient of mine just married a blind and developmentally disabled guy. They're both Mormons and met at church. She's morbidly obese and suffers from a number of ailments lupus, MG, congestive heart failure, sheer insanity, etc. They live off disability and also get a lot of help from other members of their LDS ward.

She likes having someone to take care of, and he likes being cared for. It seems to work for them. R7 That is a darling story all the same, though. It is the kind of story which would have made Eunice Kennedy Shriver smile. I completed high school, some college, and work as a program director at a small public radio station.

As R11 said, As for dating someone retarded, never, it would be too much like taking advantage of them. I don't think it happens. I'm not attracted to retarded people. I think most normal people aren't. She was quite severly retarded.

People with learning disabilities want to find love too

He completely dominated her and she did everything he told her. I want to know about the kind of men who marry women with no lower-bodies torsos. You used to see these people on daytime talk shows before the violent trash train wrecks took over the tube. I have no idea, R It's gotta be rare. But the few women I've seen with this condition were married with children.

I don't have an issue with it--none of us can help how we're born. I just want to know HOW sex and childbirth works with that condition. I knew a woman of average intelligence who was very overweight, married to a man who was "slow". They had 2 children, both also "slow". I don't know if those babies are "slow" too, but that seems likely. I have wondered the same thing as R Where are her parts?

As a female, I know my own anatomy; and I am guessing, since she scoots along the floor, they wouldn't be on the bottom, as she would get callouses, wouldn't she? I'm no expert on female anatomy, but unless she's only missing legs, I'm pretty sure it can't work. How the hell can these women carry children? I remember one torso-woman who was rather famous. She described herself as being like a Barbie doll with it's legs pulled off; everything else was normal, she just didn't have legs.

Although she was also quite short in the torso. I remember that her baby was actually carried sideways in her body because of that. No wonder why straights don't want us to get married. R31, I thought of that.

Protection from abuse

Yet I saw a case like that on Maury once. She had a young child and claimed to be pregnant with her second. This lady has her kid do all her chores.

Where is the husband? Her name is Josette Ulibarri, and she has no arms or legs. There was a slow couple who lived in the house behind mine. The wife was slower than the husband.

They belonged to a fundy church. They had to sell their car to make the down payment on the house. It was part of an affordable housing development built in the early 90s in an expensive area. All of the disabled people I know are involved with other disabled people.


Do you know any normal/mentally retarded couples?

I think there's a morbidly obese mentally disabled lesbian couple that I see around town pretty often. They ride their scooters side by side and everyone has to clear a path for them. Treat Williams played the hottest mentally challenged guy in cinema history, who falls in love with Kelly McGillis. They, along with Paco the parrot, run from their little hick town to start over and set up house so they can kiss "while they got no clothes on.

It used to show up on Starz Romance every now and again back in the '00s. If you ever run across it, watch it; it's a scream.

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I have volunteered with the Special Olympics for ages now and have "retarded" friends. They are all quite sweet. What is cool is that they are all open hearted and gay friendly. It is hard to explain but it is like they just plainly do not give a fuck if someone is gay or straight at all. But my friends who I volunteer for are really cool. I invite them to parties and everything. Maybe she was on the lower side of average herself r I think there had to be something very wrong with her mentally or emotionally. I know some fatties and some are were desperate and married what they could get, but none married mentally handicapped people.

This planet is lucky to have you r R14, was the mentally diabled gay couple in Portland?

Dating agencies

I think I've seen them before if so, and they are really sweet together. I remember watching a TV movie from way back about a young mentally disabled couple who meet and marry. I don't remember the name of it but it starred Shaun Cassidy and Lilly Purl. I remember it being very touching and supposedly based on a true story. His daughters were at least as "slow" as he was.

All nice, law-abiding, decent people -- big church goers Protestant. Look up Doug Forbis. These people have a condition where their spines are not fully formed.